Gout Pictures and Diagnosis


What is Gout?

Gout, a complicated form of arthritis, is a very painful condition that can affect people of all ages and backgrounds although it is more common in men than women before they reach menopause. Acute gout attacks can sometimes be so painful and sudden that they can wake you up out of deep sleep in the middle of the night.

During a gout attack, joints that are affected by the condition can feel irritated, swollen and tender to the point where you can’t touch them without feeling extreme pain. Gout_Advanced

Although gout can affect different joints within the body, it often occurs in the joint that is located at the base of your toe. If you experience a sudden and extreme burning sensation in your toe, gout may be the culprit. Looking up gout pictures online and learning more about the condition in general can help you find treatments and prevent recurring attacks in the future.

Causes and Symptoms of Gout

One of the most difficult aspects of properly diagnosing a condition like gout is that it tends to manifest itself in sudden and unexpected attacks that often happen in the middle of the night when you are asleep. Gout does have different stages, and symptoms usually don’t show up until it reaches at least the second stage.

The condition is caused by a buildup of uric-acid crystals, which causes the extreme pain and inflammation many people experience when they have an acute attack in the later stages of the disease. While a gout attack can take you by surprise, a flare-up can last for several days or even weeks. Although the big toe is the most common area for gout attacks, it can also affect joints in the feet, knees, ankles and hands.

If you’ve never had a flare-up of gout before, diagnosing it can be tough. Looking at gout pictures can help you compare your condition to visual images to see if there are similarities. Swollen red skin around an inflamed joint can be a sign of a gout attack.

Gout Inflammation and Impacts of Gout on the Skin

Image Source: NickGorton (Wikimedia Commons)

Image Source: NickGorton (Wikimedia Commons)

It can affect a large area of your body, or it can show up as a swollen bump on an isolated joint. The inflammation and swelling caused by the disease can also vary greatly in size. Some people who have gout experience relatively mild swelling while others suffer from extreme swelling and inflammation. Before you compare your condition to images on the Internet, take a closer look at the type of swelling you have and its color.

If your skin looks similar to the images you see from other gout patients online, schedule an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible. While the inflammation caused by the disease is excruciatingly painful, it is treatable, so it’s important to look on the bright side and stay positive if you want to get your health under control.

Don’t put off getting treatment because it can give you rapid relief from pain and help you avoid future complications that are associated with gout including kidney problems and joint destruction.

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