Interview With a Gout Patient

Follow this interview with a seventy-seven-year-old gout sufferer.

Question One:  How long since you first heard that you had gout?   16 years ago, maybe 20.

Question Two:  What were the first symptomsMy left foot was in pain, and was swollen.  It was like walking barefoot on little rocks.

Question Three: What did you do about it?  Went to the doctor.  

Question Four:  What did the doctor do?  He put an injection in my foot.  It hurt like hell.  I forget what they call the shot.  Probably cortisone.  It helped a lot.  It went away.

Question Five:  When did gout return?  It really came back with a strong gout attack about four years later.  

Question Six:  What did you do to try to treat it then?  I just suffered because I was out of town.  Then I went to a walk in clinic.  It was swollen really bad.  The doctor said, “that’s gotta really hurt”.  But he didn’t give me a shot.  He gave me some pills. 

Question Seven:  What kind of pills?  One was a prescription for pain, which I no longer take.  Another was for for Indomethacin, which I no longer take.  Now I take two pills of Allopurinol (100 mg) per day.  

Question Eight:  How long did you have to take pain pills?  I don’t remember.  It was at least until the swelling went down.  At least a week.

Question Nine:  How long did you take Indomethacin?  Until I switched doctors.  So a couple of years.  The first doctor retired.

Question Ten:  So you’ve been taking Allopurinol for about ten years?  Yes.  

Question Eleven:  What kinds of side effects do you get from the pills?  If there are side effects, I am not aware of them?

Question Twelve:  What kind of gout symptoms do you have?  Sometimes I still get tingling in the foot.  But it never has swollen up like that again.

Question Thirteen:  Have you ever tried any natural remedies for goutI’ve changed my diet.  I don’t drink as much beer or alcohol.  I no longer eat aged cheese either, such as Roquefort.  On occasion, I still have a beer or some aged cheese, but not like I used to.  I hardly have any alcoholic beverage anymore. 

Question Fourteen:  Did you add anything to your diet?  I drink a lot of more juices than I used to such as dark grape juice, cherry juice, pomegranate juice.  

Question Fifteen:  What kind of advice do you have to people who have never had gout?  Everything in moderation, including beer and cheese.  Just used discretion in your diet.  Eat a balanced diet, with lots of vegetables of fruit.  Get lots of exercise.

Question Sixteen:  What kind of advice do you have to people who already have gout?  Quit drinking alcohol, cut back or eliminate red meats and aged cheese.  Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables.  Eat salmon and tuna.

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