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Joe Barton is an eBook author and a naturalist that writes about alternative and natural treatment options. Under his own publishing firm Barton Publishing, he has published numerous eBooks that have been widely accepted by the alternative medicine communities worldwide, which include ”The Scabies 24-Hour Natural Remedy Report,” “The Grave’s Disease and Hyperthyroidism Report,” “The Gout Remedy Report,” and “Erectile Dysfunction Remedy Report.”

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Joe Barton is a former accountant who left his corporate job so he could focus more on his passion, natural health. From the time when he was just a teen he was seen to have some inclination towards natural medicine, more especially so when he learned about the natural home remedy that cured his father’s illness. He is currently living in Sioux Falls, SD with his wife and their four sons.

Early Start

Five years ago, Joe Barton launched Barton Publishing after quitting his job as an accountant to become an online entrepreneur. Through his publishing company, he was able to release groundbreaking reports on natural cures and home remedies on a number of illnesses. These eBooks have cured a number of people that suffered from kidney stones, gout, acid reflux, and high blood pressure just to name a few.

Due to the successes of his ventures, he was able to expand his business where he now employs a number of researchers and works with physicians that specialize in alternative medicine. He can help alleviate the suffering of many without them having to spend thousands of dollars in medicines that do not guarantee good results. He also writes about health issues that hound millions of people, from Lyme disease to scabies and even about erectile dysfunction in several online publications so he is able to reach more people.

Out With Gout – the Gout Remedy Report

A 35-page eBook, all the things that you need to know about gout is revealed here by Joe Barton. Included in this report are the causes, prevention and alternative treatment options for gout. You can now cure your gout without having to resort to expensive medicines that have harmful side effects.

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Some of the things that you will learn from the report include the link on the food that you are consuming and gout, how sleep affects your gout, the medical treatments available, the best alternative home remedies that you must try, and how to eliminate high levels of purines in your diet, among others. It also covers the different preventive measures that you must implement so you can veer away from the debilitating effects of gout.

The Scabies 24-Hour Natural Remedy Report

If you want a simple yet very valuable solution for you scabies, Joe Barton offers the best method that can eliminate the problem and alleviate you from this irritating condition. Inside the report you can learn more about the scabies mite that causes this condition, the reason why pills and creams fail to kill these mites, and as a treatment a simple scabies remedy mixture which is a 200-year old remedy.

Besides causes, treatment and prevention, you can also find out about a safe sunscreen to use for children suffering from scabies, an Indian tree that is great for the skin, and more. The natural remedy report also comes with 2 special e-books that are absolutely free that will surely help you get rid of this problem.

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